SQL_BIG_SELECTS + One.com = Fail?

Unfortunately, Friendship-Bracelets.net went down a moment ago. I’m not exactly sure what I did but I’m sure it was me. I overloaded the MySQL server somehow.

I needed a long query for joining a LOT of tables in my new newsfeed implementation. I got an error from MySQL stating that my query was too long. Therefore I was suggested to run this query to enable longer queries.


I tried it locally on my computer and it went okay without any fuss. The error message because of long queries went away. I thought: Yay! and uploaded the new newsfeed app to the site and then POW:

User friendship_brac has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

What I learnt today? SQL_BIG_SELECTS shouldn’t be enabled on a One.com site with a lot of traffic.

Some images mean more to you than to others.

This is the force network between 10.000 particles in a cylinder. The 3 seconds long simulation was made in LIGGGHTS and the plot was made with Matplotlib in Python.

This is what I am doing in my masters’ thesis. Using physics engines to dump granular particles in a container and try to measure the quality of the simulation. What I am focusing on is the difference between smooth and non-smooth DEM simulations.

Download the image in PDF format.

Things are getting complicated.


I’m currently involved in a project called Röda Tråden, a Swedish website for the students in my program. We are four people in the project group and it’s really fun. It’s not.the first time I make a website for the institution of physics, But this time it’s more serious.

The site is supposed to have tools for putting together a schedule for all the courses you are taking at the program. Not at lecture level, but course level. When you’ve fed the site with information it calculates how many ECTS you’ve got in your exam, and how the distribution between different course categories are.

Right now I’m working with the categories. It’s quite straight forward what to do but it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Tonight is movienight. See ya.

Advance Wars


This is probably the game I’ve played the most since Pokemon (lol). It’s the best hand-held strategy game ever. It’s called Advance Wars, and it’s similar to chess in a way, but a lot cooler. The game is available for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS.


It appears that some of my friends believe in ghosts, negative/positive energy and spirits.

I am not the kind of person that argue about these kind of things. It is no use. There is always a way of winning a discussion when talking about something that noone in the whole world can prove.

If they really believe in such things, they need to study the fundamental laws of physics.