As always, my closest relatives showed up at my parents’ house to wish me a happy birthday and have some fika. You guys are the best, thanks 🙂

So… Now I’m 24. Still young.


Tommy and Emma.


Sofia and Martin, my brother.


Coffee time.

Asphalt 5 for Android: screen tap controls bug + quick fix

While playing one of the most visually attractive games for Android, I discovered this annoying bug. Sometimes the steering locks without reason. This did only happen in the ‘screen tap’ controls mode.

This forced me to restart the race every time it happened. However, by visiting the controls menu and cycling through all control modes, the steering lock disappears and you can continue the race without restarring it.

I hope this bug gets fixed, as the last races are quite hard to win. This bug steals a lot of time while in the race and that makes it even harder.

In the whole picture this is a great and visually nice racing game that reminds me a lot of Need For Speed 2. Good work, Asphalt developers 🙂

Christmas in Boden


Back in Sonja and Berth’s house in Boden. There is a lot of snow outside and there is hardly any daylight. The christmas tree is decorated and the christmas spirit is in the air.

I guess Christmas celebration in Boden  is a tradition now since we did the same thing last year. Can’t complain about it, it’s really great here.