24 to 30th of August I, Hanna-Marie, Lisa and Jonny went to Prague. Some of the things we did were:

  • looked at churches & statues,
  • drank locally brewed beer,
  • learnt that “welcome drinks” is not referring to drinks but spirits
  • went to zoo
  • ate “manly” food (according to the menu)
  • ate rabbit, pork knee, dumplings and other czech foods
  • wandered around just watching the view
  • went to a tea festival
  • laughed at snobby servers at fine restaurants
  • went shopping (did I mention everything is a bit cheaper over there?)
  • went to a horror museum, and a torture museum and a communist museum
  • went to two spas
  • read a lot of interesting history about the town
  • went by the John Lennon wall
  • visited the Staropramen brewery
We had a blast and I’ll miss the town. It had a lot to offer and things to see.