TinyGoon – TowerFall clone in WebGL

I made this game together with Rasmus and Nils at Goo.


It’s a kill ’em all multiplayer game with support for up to 4 players. We used the Gamepad API directly, which means that it doesn’t work perfect in all browsers.

The game uses a new SpriteSystem that I made for Goo Create and the physics is from p2.js.

Here’s the Goo team playing the game when we first presented it. It was buggy but fun! It was the longest presentation of the day since we didn’t want to stop playing.


I made the tile graphics. Should probably start a career as a 2D pixel graphics artist!


Launch the game.


24 to 30th of August I, Hanna-Marie, Lisa and Jonny went to Prague. Some of the things we did were:

  • looked at churches & statues,
  • drank locally brewed beer,
  • learnt that “welcome drinks” is not referring to drinks but spirits
  • went to zoo
  • ate “manly” food (according to the menu)
  • ate rabbit, pork knee, dumplings and other czech foods
  • wandered around just watching the view
  • went to a tea festival
  • laughed at snobby servers at fine restaurants
  • went shopping (did I mention everything is a bit cheaper over there?)
  • went to a horror museum, and a torture museum and a communist museum
  • went to two spas
  • read a lot of interesting history about the town
  • went by the John Lennon wall
  • visited the Staropramen brewery
We had a blast and I’ll miss the town. It had a lot to offer and things to see.

Nu kan man dejta på ICA Ålidhem <3

Personalen på ICA Supermarket Ålidhem verkar ha oändligt med uppfinningsrikedom och tid över. Nu kan man nämligen dejta när man handlar. Man tar en lapp, skriver ned sitt namn + nummer, sätter den på vagnen och ger sig ut i butiken. Ser någon snygging under denna raggarrunda som också har denna rosa lapp kan man byta.

Jag tycker ICA Ålidhem är en väldigt framåt butik. De har förutom dejtingen också ordnat lotterier och kaffeautomat som kunderna kan ta del av i affären.

Deras Facebooksida är också regelbundet uppdaterad, och om man gillar affären på Facebook kan man få rabatt på vissa varor. De har också via Facebook gjort en omröstning för att döpa sin salladsbar, lagt ut både seriösa och mindre seriösa bilder, frestat sina fans med diverse bakverk och upplyst om tävlingar.

Kort och gott, en modern och framåt butik.

Kumihimo generator

Edit: The generator app is finished! click here to view the generator.


I’m working on a new generator – kumihimo style. More specifically – I am programming an application that can produce images of patterns. I have gotten further than my previous attempts. I guess I was too eager to get in finished before, but this time I took each step very carefully. The Kumihimo tying technique is quite different from other techniques in many ways (such as normal and alpha). You make a bracelet by braiding in a kumihimo disk and keeping the strings in a specific order. How the colors map from the disk to the resulting pattern is more complicated than both the normal and alpha bracelets together. However, I got it right after a few hours of drawing on paper and debugging.

Thanks to the users of Friendship-Bracelets.net that uploaded some kumihimo patterns to the kumihimo tutorial. I used some of those to see that everything worked in the new generator. Here are some previews. They are not available anywhere but here (yet).

Have you done some Kumihimo and got some advice to me when designing this generator?  Please comment! I have just made one whole bracelet in my whole life.

The tech part of this generator is not that complicated. It is 100% PHP code that uses  the GD library to produce a PNG file. GD has got simple and few functions for drawing – but it is way enough for this kind of application, and it saves some load on the server.

I also worked some on a JavaScript version. I simply ported the code from PHP manually and created a jQuery plugin to wrap things up nice. Click the image below to try it out.

The next step is to integrate this generator into the site, and make it render pattern images when needed. Stay tuned for more updates!