I love the Swedish climate. Warm summers and cold winters. Just as you are getting tired of the snow or the bugs, the climate changes. Also – there is no need to go abroad for skiing or taking a bath in the sea, everything is practically served for you.

Still, one can’t complain if offered a trip to turkey for example. I mean, where else can you lie on the beach all day and having nothing but drinks?


I don’t really want to be the guy that just posts random internet lul-imagez all the time, I rather try to make my own things up. But this one was hilarious. I really love xkcd, it’s about a lot of things that’s big in my life.

This one is about spambots. For those who does not know what a captcha is, well it’s those squiggly charactes you have to input before creating a new Google account, for example. It prevents SPAM computer programs (bots) from creating accounts. To create an account, you have to understand the text in the captcha, which is a relatively hard task for a computer.

Sick of being sick!

If you’ve read the section header you might have guessed I’m sick again. Yay. While not being able to sleep, I tried some random games in the Ubuntu repos. Among them were Wormux, Pydance and Urban Terror.

Wormux, a Worms rip off for Linux, sucked big time. I have nothing more to say.

Pydance is a StepMania-similar dance simulator which is surprisingly adaptive to different kinds of input (dance pads, bongo drums etc), but it also sucked when trying to play it. Are the arrows supposed to lag? Do I have the wrong latency settings on my input? I tried to solve those things, but I left the game without any answer to any of the questions.

Urban Terror. What do you think of when hearing it? Terrorists, police, bombs? Yeah, that’s about it. This is a plain CounterStrike rip-off. I joined some online server games anyway, and I must say that it’s not bad. It may not be CounterStrike, but it’s for sure a good try. In addition to the basic moves in CS, you can do powerslides and wall jumps, which makes things a bit more interesting.

To do: Uninstall all the new games but Urban Terror.

Got a mail from Marina today also. It’s always fun to read her emails. They might be a bit long but they are interesting and mostly positive. Marina is an old friend of mine in the world of friendship bracelets. We’ve helped each other for a long time over the net with different things, mostly things related to copyright of patterns.

Until next time.