p2.js progress!

My 2D physics engine has gone a long way since I started the project on github. It’s been integrated in one of the biggest 2D HTML5 game frameworks, Phaser. It’s been starring in the official Google IO experiment for 2015. I’m just very happy and wanted to express it.

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2 thoughts on “p2.js progress!”

  1. Hi Mr. Hedman,
    Im having some dificulties to use “p2.js” with the latest “pixi.js”. The “p2.renderer.js” file is a “pixi.js” v1.4.2. I inserted at my code (using the new “pixi.js” 2.2.5) your “(function(p2){var requestAnimFrame…” and “(function(p2){p2.WebGLRenderer = WebGLRenderer;…” blocks from “pixi.js” v1.4.2. The simulation runs but some stuffs are out of place. I was unable to fix this strange behaviour. Can you privede some directions? Thank you so much.

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