Project: Refract

For Goofy day I made a WebGL game that I call Refract. The goal is to guide a laser beam from a starting point to goal. Its core mechanic is based on raycasting from p2.js – this is a perfect use case for the new p2 feature 🙂

The game was made entirely in Goo Create.

By flipping a boolean script parameter while working on the game in Create, it launches a custom level editor that lets you design levels and export them as JSON. The JSON can then saved back into Create to be included in the levels list.

The backgrounds are procedurally generated on the fly with some randomness added. I used texgen.js for this. I noticed that it uses a bit of CPU while generating large textures, so a future optimization would be to make a custom shader instead.

Because the game is very static when you don’t touch anything, it was possible to pause the render loop fully between interactions. This saves a lot of battery while on mobile.


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