Upgrading Galaxy S to Froyo in less than 10 hours!

1. Start Windows. If you are lucky, Windows will not destroy your Ubuntu bootsector. If it does – Google “restoring grub after installing windows”. This can take up to 30 minutes.

2. Download lots and lots of updates, and upgrades from Windows Update. There is no way stopping these downloads – just let them do their thing. When they are done, just ignore them. Giving them attention by clicking them will probably result in forcing you to restart your computer. 10 minutes.

3. Download Samsung Kies. Don’t trust the Windows download time estmator – it’s just trying to confuse you. It will take a maximum of 10 minutes.

4. Start Kies Installer. Click Okay, Yes and Allow in every one of the 7 popups that comes up.

5. Install Kies. This took 80 minutes for me, I hope it’s faster for you.

6. Start Kies.

7. Update when Kies asks for it. It will update and restart automatically.

8. Since Kies was just kidding with you in the last step, update once more. This time, more files will download and Kies will restart. If you skip this step, you will not be able to upgrade your phone.

9. Click the Upgrade icon in the right lower corner of Kies. Check the “safety copy” box if you want to save your contacts to your computer (you already have them in Google Contacts, so why bother?).

10. When the upgrade starts, it will tell you that your phone have too little battery power left for upgrading. Yes, it’s already charging its battery via USB but that does not matter in this case obviously. Plug in your phone into your ordinary battery charger and let it charge over the night.

11. Your phone should be charged now. Plugin your phone and start Kies again.

12. Now it’s time for upgrading. Click accept and yes in every popup that tries to smack into your head that you have to backup your phone before continuing.

13. While downloading the upgrade to your phone, the loading window on the computer is stuck on top of all the other windows. You can drag it to the side or bottom if you want to see anything else behind it, like your WordPress Blog. Updating the blog will take 20 minutes.

14. Congrats! Your phone is upgraded. It will take some extra time to boot itself up but it’s worth the wait. Reconfiguring your widgets and settings will take a while but it’s not part of the installation.

Bye for now!

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