“This site has been suspended” (december 2010)



The site above is a temporary server that I have in my livingroom. Some photos are broken but all the entries and patterns are there.

That’s the text popping up when trying to reach friendship-bracelets.net. I will with this entry try to explain why.

I jumped out of bed late yesterday night when getting an email to my phone saying that my site “Your site causes too much load on the servers, we will shut it down temporarily.”. Well, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR LETTING ME KNOW BEFORE YOU SHUT IT DOWN! *not*

The reason why my site is causing more load than other sites are the Generators. The old-fashion-style generator 1 and the alpha generator is on-demand generation of images directly on the server. Now, generating/editing/opening images on a server cause much load because

  • They need more processor power than just sending an image to a user
  • They take up much more space in the RAM than ordinary images

I’ve taken action for these reasons, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.


I’ve sent an email to my web hotel, begging them to start up the site again and that I will temporarily turn off the culprit apps (the generators) and try to replace them with client-side apps like Flash or similar.
The decision to start up the site again lies in the hands of my web hotel in Sweden, and they will hopefully start it up again in any minute. The working hours in Sweden is 08-17 and we are in the timezone GMT+01. The clock is just after eight when writing this.

I hope this answers some questions for now.


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53 thoughts on ““This site has been suspended” (december 2010)”

  1. I hope the web hotel will bring it up soon! I’ve been without the site for a few hours and even that has been driving me nuts. What if you were able to purchase more space, would the generators still be able to run the way they do now?

  2. Looks like there are still some problems. I keep getting a lot of “Service Temporarily Unavailable” and “Internal Service Errors”

  3. Wow, tough luck! Sorry this happened,Stefan. Good luck making flash or similar generators. I’m the same as Carrie; without site for a few hours and I’m going bonkers. Good luck, work fast!

  4. i hope you will succeed. Why you try to make an independent application from the generator, so the people download it and make their patterns not on the site? i think is possible.
    have a very happy christmas and keep going like that.

  5. Wow. This is really gonna stink! I was about to publish up some patterns today but I guess not! haha! I really hope the generators get started back up- this is the top site for bracelets!!!

    1. Login on the site and use Generator 3. Click “Generate”, then “Normal pattern” and then Generator 3. It’s a little buggy but works in most cases.

  6. All this tech is above my head, but thank you for letting us know what’s going on Stefan. I’d hate to be you right now. Hang in there. I’ll send you some cyber hugs.

    1. A new alpha generator has been uploaded, and it works (although some small bugs left to fix). Also, a new normal pattern generator is under development.

        1. It is up, but it’s got that small bug that you indicate. Try to log out, go to “www.friendship-bracelets.net” instead of just “friendship-bracelets.net” and see how it goes.

          1. using generator 3 and trying to save after i logged out and in and going on “www.friendship-bracelets.net” it pops up with a message saying this “You are not logged in via the website, so you cannot save the pattern. Please login and click the link leading to this generator.”

            any suggestions?

    1. Sorry, the PHP generators you talk about will come back again :(. They put too much load on the server. Generator 3 is just temporary until I get an AJAX version going (like alpha generator 2).

  7. Hey, its still suspended now 🙁 i miss making bracelets, your site was so helpful. Hope it gets fixed…its been a year 🙁

  8. Thanks for letting us know! I was so worried because I have so many bracelets to make for people!

    Hope the sites up soon!

  9. Hey Stefan,

    too much traffic on the site? – What can we do? – Less comments? Donation? – I hope everything’s gonna be fixed again – because honestly: I need your gorgeous project!

  10. So sad to see it suspended! Had a bracelet to make for my friend and had already faved the pattern to start later ):
    Hopefully the site will be up soon!!

  11. I am so sad to see it suspended! Was it the generators or something again? What can we do to help fix it? I will donate more money if that is the case! I can’t get enough of this site!

  12. Oh i hope it gets fixed soon!!!! what happened now? this is making me sad. i have patterns i was hoping to get figured out and i have projects that need to be done almost ASAP.

    hope everything gets fixed. like everyone else. the site being suspended is going to drive me insane!!

  13. woa woa woa wait i’ve only had the site for like a year and the generators worked fine about a month ago and i just went on now and it’s all down….did i miss somthing??? i actually kinda feel like i’m in the future or somthingXD anyway is this site (that we’re all on now) somthing that was created before-fixed-but now it’s happened again? because i have DEFINETLY played around on the alpha generator in the past two years…can somebody explain?

  14. uuuhhh i just clicked “generator” again and BOOM it was back up…. kay this is probably just my computer theeenn

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