What? WordPress?

So, I finally got myself a “real” blog instead of coding it from scratch… Why? Well, there are many reasons but the main reasons are lack of time, compatibility, etc. Anyway, I hope you like it and that you will come here from time to time. Nice to have you here by the way!

So, why english? I normally speak swedish, but as I got many friends around the world I thought it might increase the readability among my total group of friends. Let’s just hope my english works out well enough for you.

This site is also supposed to work as a reference for my work. Recently, I started my own company. That was the easiest reason to solve my position. I have a bad habit of coding all the time, mostly web programming and such. Obviously, it implies money, and money implies taxes, and taxes… Are smaller if you have your own company. At least in Sweden.

I’m going to tell you some more later but now it’s time to fix this ugly WordPress theme. See ya.

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