How to get rid of SPAM in your WordPress blog

This is a free and easy one, but maybe not so obvious for the average blogger. Many bloggers think that you have to pay for a web service to get rid of them, but that’s not true.

The idea is to add a CAPTCHA to your blog to prevent SPAM-bots from posting bad entries. A captcha is a small test to make sure that the writer is human, not a computer. It is usually an image with squiggly letters that you have to look at and fill into a box.

To add it to your blog,

  1. go to Plugins > Add new.
  2. Search for “si captcha”.
  3. Install and activate it.

You are basically done here. Bye bye SPAM! If you want to change the captcha settings, go to Plugins > SI Captcha Options.

There are many other Captcha plugins out there, this is just one that I’ve tested and approved.

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