How to make an Order medal

This is supposed to be a tutorial on how to make an Order medal. The main use for this medal is to put on your costume to show that you are a part of the “Brända Bockens Orden” or the Order of the Goat in my student nation.

Step 1

Take a piece of Nation band.

Step 2

Cut a small piece of it and fold in half.

Step 3

Sew with sewing string, begin in the middle of the band. This is important, otherwise some loose strings might pop out on the sides when you are done.

Step 4

Sew a line making an angle of about 45 degrees together with the middle line of the band.

Step 5

Don’t stop there, zig-zag your way back to the middle in the loops you just made.

Step 6

Sew another line out to the edge just like on the other side.

Step 7

Zig-zag your way back to the middle again.

Step 8

Fasten the loose string in the middle and cut off the rest of the string.

Step 9

Cut away the part of the band outside the seamline.

Step 10

Fold the whole thing inside out.

Step 11

Poke out the triangular thingy that emerges from your sewing. You are now done with the top part of your medal.

Step 12

To fasten something in your masterpiece of medal holder, use a thin string and a needle like the photo shows…

Step 13

…that’s it! Now you have to fasten this really good so it won’t fall off when you are partying like an animal.

Step 14

A piece of leftover band will do.

Step 15

Just make an ordinary knot, it doesn’t really matter since you’re going to glue everything together. Use textile glue that won’t make ugly stains through the band.

Step 16

Flatten everything together by putting your medal holder under your Calculus book or something else that you don’t worry about getting glue on. Put a safety pin on like in the photo and you’re done.

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