How to kill Skype process in Ubuntu

The Skype process seems to be immortal when it crashes in Ubuntu. Killing it with “killall skype” does not work. And it’s not a nice process either, because it uses 100% CPU!

Fortunately, there is a way of killing it without restarting your computer. This is how to do it:

killall skype -s 9

Why does this work? The answer is simple. By adding the arguments “-s 9” the killall command changes the signal type to SIGKILL instead of SIGTERM. Obviously, Skype does not do anything about the SIGTERM signal, and that is why the process stays alive.

Happy killing!

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22 thoughts on “How to kill Skype process in Ubuntu”

    1. thank you, but don’t understand why it is obvious that “Skype does not do anything about the SIGTERM signal”, but it was just what i needed now!

  1. Thanks, this only seems to be a problem on my computer since Microshaft took over skype

    eternally grateful.


  2. Just to let everyone know, and because I don’t like the “killall” approach too much, here’s something I’ve added to my .bashrc:

    alias killskype=’ps -A | grep skype | awk ‘”‘”‘{ system(“kill -9 ” $1) }'”‘”

    In case you need/want to know: ps -A shows all processes, grep skype looks for skype in each line of output. So you get:

    1234 ? 00:00:00 skype

    awk executes a kill -9, using the first string of output it gets from grep (which is the PID).

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