– soon at version 2.0

The Swedish academic education planner is soon at version 2.0. I just wanted to sneak out some information about what I am doing. I guess that’s what my blog is about!

NOTE: The schedule in the image above is only for a local demo. It is not public.

PROBLEM: Planning an academic education is hard. Especially when there are too many possibilities to shape the education as you like. At the same time as you pick courses that look fun, you have to keep track on how many credits you get within the set of categories in your exam.

SOLUTION: An open site that stores course information and can build block schedules for students.

The problem is for sure only existing in few of the engineering programs at Umeå universitet, but we will for sure find out when the site is released. If the need is not that big, the site can still be used by students and teachers that wants to build the actual schedules and/or get some education outline.

The first version of the site went not so well, it’s full of bugs and is hardly usable. Therefore, we decided to rebuild it from scratch, using pure object oriented programming and HTML5. I believe that this, together with strict error testing and documentation, solved our problems. 2.0 has got the following features:

  • Create any number of private block schedules
  • Add any course at any academic education (in Sweden)
  • Add course occasions for each course
  • Connect student email address to account – increase privileges to edit e.g. education info, program info etc.
  • Compare any block schedule to any exam
  • Public commenting on courses, educations etc
  • Uploading of files to courses
  • Public forum, one forum for each Course and one for each education
  • RSS feed/email notifications for listening to course updates etc
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