Making Spotify for Linux work in Ubuntu

The Spotify for Linux software is a great initiative, but it is a little buggy. As I am a music freak, I had to make it work on my favorite operative system Ubuntu.

The solution that worked for me was deleting the spotify cache before the program start. It can be done by running the following in a terminal:

rm -Rf ~/.cache/spotify

Doing this every time you want to launch Spotify is too much of a trouble, therefore I made a small shellscript to do this for me. Start a text editor by executing the following:

gedit ~/

Enter the following code:

# Remove spotify cache
rm -Rf ~/.cache/spotify;
# Start spotify

This code removes the spotify cache and starts Spotify. Save the file.

Now, to make the file executable, run the following in a terminal:

chmod +x ~/

To run this script, execute


If you want to make Spotify quick started, make an own program starter for it in the Ubuntu panel:

If you want the Spotify icon on your program starter, it is located at /usr/share/pixmaps/spotify-linux-512×512.png.

Now lean back and enjoy your music.

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3 thoughts on “Making Spotify for Linux work in Ubuntu”

  1. hello!

    this helped alot.. I am however unsure what “egenskaper för programstartaren” is in English, also how I will find it?

    Thank you!

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